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Lowcountry Ladies

A few months have passed since my last blog. I have been caring for my ailing mother and I’m grateful to report that all is well! As I remarked on Facebook and Instagram, life comes at you fast. Life is fragile and, as we like to forget, it is also temporary. Take the time to relish life.

While caring for my mother, I had time to reflect on her, on myself, our relationship, on mothers and daughters in general, on the role of women …  I also had time to read. My friend, Stephanie, suggested the book “Plantation” by Dorothea Benton Frank and I got a good dose of family, strong women and Lowcountry living. They are the inspiration for our featured exhibition, “Lowcountry Ladies.”

Jennifer Wharton "Wendy"

Jennifer Wharton’s lovely portrait of “Wendy” reminds me of my mother in her younger years. And as the setting for this portrait suggests, mother was quite the decorator.  Her influence predestined me for a career in art and interior design.

I look back on my evolution from daughter to woman to wife to mother and I feel humbled by the journey so far. Yes, there is much I wish I’d left unsaid and undone. My mother and I both put our relationship to the test at times. But we are stronger together.

So, here’s to the two leading ladies left in my life, my mother and her sister, my dear Aunt Margrit. Thank you!


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