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Daniel Girault

Daniel Girault was born in Saint-Brieuc, France in 1945. Girault is a self-taught artist who learned to paint by watching and working with artists in his native Brittany. At an early age, his talent was obvious, and the older, more experienced artists encouraged him to continue his work. In order to expand his scope, Girault followed the path of the Impressionistes. He went to Provence to experiment with different sources of light. Girault has had numerous exhibits throughout France, as well as Belgium, Canada, Germany, Japan and the United States. He is a member of the prestigious Salon Des Artistes Français and the Salon des Indépendents. His brilliant use of color, combined with his unique style, have made Daniel Girault one of the truly outstanding artists of his time. 

“When placed between a subject and the question of how to represent it, the role of the artist is to go beyond the obvious and look for what is not visible. What is not visible is emotion, and that is what an artist must share with his public. A viewer places himself in the paintings, using his own imagination. The painting then becomes the viewer’s, who gives it its true meaning.”


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