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Patrice Cudennec

Patrice Cudennec is a self-taught artist, born in the Brittany region of France in 1952. From an early age, Cudennec was fascinated by the sea, and began learning drawing from the numerous artists who lived and worked in his native region. Today Cudennec is known as a master painter but also as the founder of the Faienncerie d'art Breton in Quimper, and several of his tin -glazed pottery creations are now in the Musee de la Faience in Quimper.

As a painter, Cudennec evolved more and more over the years to a style heavily influenced by the school of Pont-Aven. While mixing a wide palette of colors, Cudennec has maintained a softness that reflects the natural colors of Brittany. Numerous critics have taken note of the melding of tradition and modernism in the works of Cudennec. In addition, there is a poetic and mystical aura in Cudennec's paintings that expresses his profound attachment to his native region.

Over the past 25 years, Cudennec's works have been exhibited regularly in France, Germany, Great Britain and Belgium. He has participated in numerous salons including the highly prestigious Salon de la Marine, Salon D'Automne and the Salon des Artistes Francais.

“I see the world of art as a universe of painting and poetry. Colored emotions, love of life, strength and gentleness all combine to create works that are made to be discovered and shared. The land of my native Brittany if filled with magic colors, and my hope is that my work will, in its own way, inspire beholders; allowing them to feel the magic of our Celtic culture.”


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