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Louis Bissinger

Louis Bissinger was born in Lyon, France on April 24, 1899. He began his career as a painter in 1923 painting watercolors in the mountains of the Dauphine region of France. Arrested by the Gestapo in 1943, he spent years of WWII in Buchenwald, secretly painting the stark reality of life in a concentration camp. After liberation, he returned first to Lyon and then to the mountains of the Dauphine region. In 1954 he won first prize at the Grenoble Art Exposition, and soon after the French government bought a large number of his paintings. His work became regularly exhibited at the Galerie Royale in Paris. After living briefly in the suburbs of Paris, Bissinger returned to the East of France where he died in 1978. Bissinger’s work is of a classical nature and directly influenced by his profound study of countrysides and other natural surroundings. His oil paintings and watercolors translate all the nuances of poetry and subtleties of nature. Louis Bissinger is listed in the prestigious Benezit Dictionary of Artists. 

The oil paintings and watercolors of Louis Bissinger translate all the subtleties of nature.  Through each of his works, we feel the reality and the poetry of the subjects Bissinger painted.


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